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Waterproof Canvas

Our new line of waterproof cotton canvas is a durable, long lasting organic solution for fabricating outdoor goods such as awnings, boat and auto covers, tarps, umbrellas, outdoor furniture /upholstery, slip covers, water repellent bags and more.

Why use cotton fabrics instead of synthetic?

 Cotton fabrics are significantly cheaper to manufacture than their synthetic counterparts and these costs are passed on to you !

 Cotton Canvas fabrics last much longer when exposed to the elements than most petroleum based fabrics. UV exposure will degrade most synthetic fabrics much faster than cotton fabrics.

 Cotton is softer than most synthetic fabrics like nylon or vinyl, making them significantly less abrasive to auto and boat paint finishes. It is also more gentle on bare skin. You don't buff your car or wipe yourself dry with a synthetic fabric - you use cotton.

 Cotton is a sustainable, earth friendly, resource.

 Available in many new colors!

Products currently being added. Please call for bulk wholesale discount pricing.