Home Decor Hemp Fabrics

Hemp Home Decor Fabric is now available at Factory Direct Wholesale pricing from Big Duck Canvas Warehouse.  The Industrial Hemp Fiber has eight times the tensile strength of cotton.  It requires minimal pesticide treatment to grow quickly and produces more fiber per acre than any other plant fiber. It also happens to be great for the soil! Hemp is hypoallergenic and even has some UV resistant qualities.  With new technologies in the textile industry hemp fabrics are softer than ever before and more durable than ever.  It is truly an amazing fiber. Please let us know if you have any questions about sourcing hemp fabric.


We have just added a great selection of Hemp Fabrics at Discount Clearance Prices.  Only $6.99/yd! Compare to up to $24.95 a yard and more.  We are happy to provide sample swatches.  


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