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Trek7 Ray Bloc Outdoor Fabric Protector 8oz

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Trek7 UV Fabric Protection Spray Ray Bloc 8oz Treatment Wholesale

Images are representative of the actual product, however computer and device screens vary as do dye lots. The fabric you receive may look different than it appears on your screen. We suggest that you request sample(s) before ordering.


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Trek7 Ray Bloc UV Fabric Protector can be used on all fabric types. This scientifically formulated treatment bonds to the fabric creating a long lasting protective barrier against harmful UV rays. This superior water based barrier will help prevent fading and sun damage. The 8oz bottle will treat 20-40 square feet of fabric depending your application rate and the type of fabric being treated. For example cotton fabrics will be more absorbent than synthetic fabrics. Each bottle comes with detailed instructions and an unconditional manufacturer guarantee. Samples are not available.