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Fabric Cutting Service: Automated CNC Contract Textile Cutting

contractual-fabric-cutting-service-cnc-machine-pattern-pieces.jpgThrough our Cut and Sew services, we offer automated fabric cutting. Our high speed, multi-ply textile cutting delivers highly-accurate cutting of many different types of fabric for large and small manufacturers, independent makers and Etsy sellers.

Contract Cutting Service Advantages:

  • Reduced Fabric Waste
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Decreased Manufacturing Time
  • Increased Profitability

When sewing or manufacturing items made with cut fabric, a large part of production time can be consumed with the labor-intensive, tedious task of pattern cutting. Thanks to our advanced CNC commercial cutting equipment, you can say goodbye to both wasted time and, importantly, wasted material. Here's a quick overview of the process:

  • You supply the pattern. This can be digital, printed or physical. We'll make it work.
  • We digitize (if needed) and load your pattern into our specialized CAD software.
  • The software optimizes the cutting layout providing optimal orientation and nesting to minimize waste.
  • Using our automated fabric spreader, rolled fabric is spread out and cut into layers.
  • The pre-cut layers are quickly transported into position for cutting.
  • Vacuum is applied to hold the layers of fabric in position.
  • The computer-controlled cutter rapidly cuts all pattern pieces.
  • The cut pieces are separated from the remaining fabric and are inspected.
  • The finished pattern pieces are packaged and shipped to you.

custom fabric cutting canvas pattern pieces cut on cnc machine stacked productionFast Cutting. Really Fast.

Watching a two or three inch stack of fabric get transformed into finished pieces is fascinating. Watching it happen at high speed and with tremendous accuracy is mesmerizing. This really is a huge leap forward in technology, one that can save you both time and money.

Expensive Fabric? Material Waste Reduction is Key.

Although production speed is clearly important, with higher-cost material reducing waste is absolutely crucial to maximizing profit, and that's where our automated CNC fabric cutting service kicks in—big time. The advanced algorithms of the CAD software analyzes the overall size of the material as well as the shape and number of pieces required and determines the ideal way to rotate and nest the pieces. Because the material is held in place by vacuum, the precision reciprocating cutter is able to cut the pieces very close together. Compared to cutting by hand or even with a handheld reciprocating fabric cutter, no matter how skilled the operator, there's simply no way to match the efficiency of this technology.

Huge Time Savings + Reduced Fabric Waste = Big Win

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