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#8 (18oz) Duck

Numbered Duck Cloth is Double Filled or "Plied Yarn" which creates a tighter weave and smoother texture than single fill cotton ducks. This weaving process also makes them stiffer and more durable than single filled duck/canvas. Ideal for so many projects, Cotton Duck has been used for centuries and is perfect for historical reproduction.

A beehive with #8 cotton duck inner coverBeekeepers find Natural #8 canvas to be a great solution for beehive inner covers. We know, 'cause there's been a lot of buzz about this lately. (Ahem.)

Sometimes referred to as "chair duck," #8 cotton duck is commonly used for directors chairs, heavy duty canvas tote bags, floor cloths, tool bags, outdoor clothing, storage bags, tool bags, backpacks, canvas kayaks, canvas canoes, tents, industrial machine covers, ceramic pottery table covers, tarps, hammocks, chairs and oh ... so much more! We offer number 8 cotton duck in several colors (below), however natural cotton duck can also be dyed for an almost endless array of colors.

Number 8 Cotton Duck Cloth Natural Canvas Heavyweight Fabric