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Big Duck Canvas is a trade wholesale supplier. Most products have a 5 yd minimum.


Cut and Sew Custom Sewing Production and Fabric Printing (Dye Sublimation)Cut and Sew, Fabric Printing

Big Duck Canvas is pleased to announce new services that many customers have been asking for:

Cut and Sew services and Fabric Printing.

These are both in the preliminary stages, but we wanted you to know that they are happening!

Cut and Sew

To support our 'makers' and manufacturers, Big Duck is working with Bootstrap Manufacturing, a cut and sew production and fabric printing facility. For your design-driven projects, this sewn production service can help eliminate some of the tedium involved in producing your designs.

Does this mean you can make me a new Bimini top? No, sorry. If you're looking for a one-off product like that, you're looking for a 'job shop.' Or for a printed banner, a custom sign or banner shop is your best bet.

What we're providing is more in line with a contract manufacturer. We will contract with makers and small to mid-sized manufacturers to custom cut fabric into ready-to-sew pieces or produce completed sewn goods for a product or product line.

Fabric Printing

With today's technology, we can print virtually any design on a wide variety of fabrics. Using a process known as 'dye sublimation,' digital fabric printing can turn your vision, your design into durable printed fabric. From simply adding a logo to fabric or printing a 'full bleed' design, you'll be able to transform plain fabric into the custom look you're after. And we can ship the printed material to you or your production house, or use it here in a project you contract us to produce.

On a side note, if you're looking for fabric in a very specific color ("fabric color matching"), you might want to consider a custom dye lot. Learn more about custom dye lots here.

Why Offer 'Cut and Sew' and 'Fabric Printing' Production Services?

First and foremost because so many have asked. A few of the reasons you've told us:

  • Business grew faster than expected. (Not a bad thing, right?)
  • You're looking to reduce some of the repetitive and monotonous cutting of your sewing patterns.
  • You'd like to incorporate a custom-printed design into your product.
  • You need a turnkey solution to fully produce a brand new product.

Ready? Start Here.

Whatever the need, Big Duck has heard your requests. We understand the quality you require, and the time demands of getting your products produced. Our goal is to partner with you to help meet both.

Just a few of the types of projects we're gotten requests for include:

  • Prototyping
  • Cornhole Bags
  • Tote Bags
  • Vacuum Collection Bags
  • Book Bags and Back Packs
  • Clothing Patterns
  • Pillows
  • Grill Covers (and covers for other products)
  • Tarps

From printing your design on fabric to computer-controlled multilayer fabric cutting to the actual sewing and completion of the finished sewn goods, we are gearing up to help you meet your production and manufacturing needs.

Atlanta Area Only?

We are located in the Atlanta area—a little northeast of Atlanta, between Lawrenceville and Athens. And we of course love to do business with our local Georgia customers! But ... many of our Cut & Sew and Fabric Printing customers are from other parts of the U.S. and beyond. Regardless of your location, our partnership with Bootstrap Manufacturing may be just what's needed to get your project off the ground, or to the next level.

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