Waxed Canvas

Our Waxed 10.10 oz Army Duck is strong durable multi-purpose canvas with a very tight, plied yarn weave construction making it very strong and resistant to tearing.  The refined wax finish provides an additional layer of protection from rain, moisture & time.  Waxed canvas has a long lifespan behaving much like leather in the way it patinas and appears ageless.  

Waxed canvas requires only minimal care to maintain its appearance and can go years without having to be washed.  The wax formula is non-toxic and non-hazardous.  This advanced formulation performs great in both hot and cold temperatures.  Unlike many waxed products, our waxed canvas WILL NOT "gunk" up your sewing machine.  It sews great! It is very high quality and will not transfer to other surfaces.

Waxed Canvas is commonly used to make outdoor gear, backpacks, tote bags, hats, equestrian accessories, vests, dog gear, dog beds, work aprons, and more!

See Product Details for Care Instructions.

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